5 tips to get you through the last workdays of 2021

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We are nearing the holiday period of yet another year that has left us completely shaken. We are disappointed by the unexpected state we find the world and ourselves in. We had high hopes that the storm would be over, yet currently, we find ourselves navigating another variant, which we had not expected.

If you feel overwhelmed, highly stressed, and just exhausted, you are not alone. You are most likely a leader and have to have had the tenacity to carry on thus far, while struggling to see the north star. Resisting this phase is absolutely futile. It will squander your resources; it will drain your energy and increase your frustration. Be encouraged that you will come out of this with skills and strength you have never garnered in your entire life.

The key content of conversations is exhaustion. Secondly, it feels like almost walking into a dark passage of the unknown. All the things we believed in have been tested to the maximum. One thing that is important to remember is that you have been chosen to lead in this season, and you are more than capable.

Here are a few tips to keep you going till the end

  1. See this phase for what it is

It is so tempting to be the eternal optimist. The truth is that you are dealing with an unknown; what will keep you afloat is based on the foundations you have built your leadership on. Recognize where you need support and reach out, ask for help where you are challenged.

It is crucial to have a leadership circle you can feed off from and support. This does not have to be only in a professional context. Leadership shows up in many forms, like church leadership, associations, and other organizations. Identify the women who emulate the qualities that inspire you and develop a relationship with them. You will realize that your energy levels may have different patterns, and they will help you keep yours up when you are down. If you have a gap on this one, be sure to work on it in the new year. It is important.

2. Have faith in things eventually turning out for the better

For as long as humanity has existed, there has never been a winter that lasted forever. One of your best attributes is seeing beyond life’s seasons. This attribute will help you navigate valleys and provide a perspective that gives your people hope. ‘This too shall pass’ is a saying that has pre-existed all of us. It existed because people have observed life and know that life has cycles, and these change as well.

Have hope, take the lessons and use these for your next chapter.

3. Decide upfront how you will show up.

It is incredible how our minds follow what we instruct them. Once you frame your morning, as tricky as it can be on some mornings, the brain and the body seem to follow. Decide how you will show up in that meeting, for that presentation, and your staff meetings. Your employees will do nothing but respond to the energy you emit.

People are tired; they will put in that little bit more picking up from your energy. Give grace and offer support where you can.

4. Pace yourself

The end of the year is where most remember everything they were supposed to have done. You will find that this is when you will be taken off course quite often, and I pray that you have the grace to handle it.

Observe your energy throughout the day. Use your most energetic spurts to do your most challenging and impactful work. Take breaks more often to re-energize. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate yourself. Where you are exhausted, do not feel guilty about taking time off. The benefits of just a day off can be incredible.

5. Empty your self

At the end of each day, dump the baggage of the remainder of your ‘Undone’ list on a Journal. Dump your emotions, your feelings on that book. Capture your frustrations of the day and anything that comes up on that day. It will do a world of good in releasing your mind to rest and waking up re-energized for the next day.



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